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                                       I do not own or are in association with the creators of The Hunger Games.This is just a fan-fiction that I allow the creators of The Hunger Games series to use. Once more, this is just a fan-fiction that I had thought of that is not used to mimic or copy the series itself. This is just for entertainment of my fellow Deviants. Thank you and enjoy.
                                     ---Prologue: Trepidation---
                  I went to sleep hoping that once I wake up, I would be in my home.
Waking up to look out the window to see the Peacekeepers walking down the streets,people commuting to their work, and children playing games in the alleyways.
Yet I was woken up to the sound of screaming. I looked down to see the Careers right under me, killing the tribute from District 4. I covered my hands with my bloody hands and shivered in fear knowing that if I make one sound, they would kill me too.

I looked down yet again to see the tribute's dead body and the Careers looking down, laughing. Those cruel people, laughing at the sight of a young one they killed and for what?

Self righteousness, pleasure, popularity?

After many minutes of laughter and conversation they finally walked away. I heard a cracking sound under me and looked down to see the branch I was sitting on was about to break and in barely a second, I fell what seemed to be 10-feet and I couldn't breathe. My body felt the same way it felt when they killed Joshua on the day of the Reaping.

The Careers noticed me and began to laugh. Walking toward me with weapons in hand. I knew death was to come. I attempted to get up but one of those cruel Careers kicked me in the chest, affecting my lungs even more. When I fell to the floor and looked up, a spear was to my neck.

Tears began to run down my cheek. I knew I was going to die. What could I do about it?


-----------------------------Chapter 1: "Reaping" Coming Soon!!!--------------------------------
By the way, Chapter 1 will not take place during the Games but at the day of the Reaping. The Prologue is just to show you what is to come during the Games. I hope you enjoyed and if you want, leave me some feedback! Thank you and like I said, Chapter 1 is coming soon!
Ya Boi,


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